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Balance and break times - May and June

"As the wind loves to call things to dance, May your gravity be lightened by grace."

A Blessing for Equilibrium ~ John O'Donohue

How are you doing? Have you ventured back into the world again?

During May we were focussing on the idea of balance throughout our classes. As well as balancing the different sides of our body (right/left, front/back, up/down) we were thinking about the balance of effort and ease.

Do you feel balanced?

There’s a lot of talk about finding the right work/life balance especially now a lot of us are working from home and as someone who’s work is also my love, it can be very hard to find that line. I've now taken on other work which is so different from my teaching work and although I am finding it exciting and fulfilling it can also be intense and at times stressful.

So full disclosure........... I was so busy/stressed with work I didn’t write my May blog about balance!!! I’m sure you managed without a little extra dose of Hayley wisdom but take it as a little reminder that balance is a work in progress for all of us.

Einstein said : “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

We find this in our balance movements and poses in class, all the little support muscles must keep moving to work out where our body is and how to keep us upright and balanced.

Now, I get that Einstein was a bit of a thinker but maybe we need an extra bit that says “until you get too tired then just put your foot down and have a wee rest till you work out what’s next”

In this world where we are constantly busy, multi-tasking and jumping from one thing to another we have forgot to put on the “breaks”. Continuous movement doesn’t allow the time to stop and reflect on what’s working and what’s not or to just let the highs or lows of the day settle in and be felt.

With this in mind I've made some changes to our online timetable so it continuous to work for us as the world moves around us:

Tuesdays 7-7.45pm will be 2x Cardio Dance Party and 2x jazz per month.

Stretch & De-stress will now be in 2 parts on a Friday lunchtime instead of a Wednesday evening.

You can do these both together and they’ll be planned so that they follow on or use them stand alone throughout the week for shorter sessions.

This will now be: 12-12.30 Feel Good Friday/stretch & de-stress energiser 12.30-1pm Stretch & De-stress calm.

You will also still have access to all the previous classes on the group.

So for June, I invite you to try balance and break times in anyway that works for you:

  1. Pedal so hard then take your hands off and enjoy the ride

  2. Zig zag along your own path enjoying the wobbles and the bumps

  3. Put your foot down, get your snacks out and take in the view

Sending virtual hugs, high fives and lots of gratitude for you all!

Hayley Mac x

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