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November ~ Online

“How beautifully they show us the process of change ... just as we'd never try to stop leaves from turning, we can allow joy, sadness, happiness and pain to cycle within us, safe in the knowledge that peace comes with letting go.”


November News

I think for all of us time has moved a little differently this year and we’re all ready to hibernate for the winter. Even though we still can’t be together in person, I want to thank you for bringing a little community and connection to what could be a very isolating time. As I keep saying, we weren’t expecting the online classes to continue as long as they have but I am am so grateful for all the support you have given and we’ll keep making any changes from your feedback and as we get to know what works best.

This month we will be moving the Wednesday Barre class to Zoom to help with the new FB sound issues and to feel like we’re all in it together. There will still be a catch up option and I'm happy to take feedback on any changes we make. I love seeing you all working alongside us but please don’t feel you have to keep your camera on if you’d rather not and especially do not worry about setting the stage or hiding your washing.

Tiers or tears…… exercise will be off for at least the next 2 weeks so still no more in person classes for the time being but I want you to know that regardless of whether we can get back to a studio we will be carrying on online classes till at least the end of January and hope you can join us.

Any Strictly fans in the house?! I got really into it a few years ago and have dipped in and out since then but as we’re (still) flooded out and staying with Julie’s parents we have joined their Strictly fan club. The first week I ran a little Strictly Dance warm up over Zoom for them and their friends to get in the mood and add a sense of celebration even when they couldn’t be together. Julie and I are particularly excited that there is a female couple this year. I’m sure it’s pretty clear by now but we love dancing together and we’re so glad that this representation is out there. I hope they stay in for a while and show what amazing work they can do and stay positive and proud in the face of the negativity. To celebrate and get us ready for the judges I’ll be highlighting one of our past classes with a Strictly feeling - Latin, Disco, Charleston, Lyrical etc. Feel free to get your friends involved even if you can’t dance together in person. You can book these separately or they’re included as part of the Unlimited Monthly pass - this month’s Dance workshop will also be Strictly themed.

Barre in November will be on Zoom and use small weights/tins/wine/bottles to add a little extra fun!!

Stretch and De-stress   All sessions will still include moving the spine, core stability, work for hips and shoulders and relaxation and breath but for November we are going to focus more on the hips with some glute strengthening, pelvic stability and hip opening.

This month’s workshops will be:

Meet Me at the Barre Sunday 15th November 11-12pm Zoom Strictly Themed Workshop Saturday 21st November 4.30-5.30pm Both will have the option to catch up later at your own time.

As always if you can’t commit to every week you’re welcome to book into individual classes when you need to or just come to the workshops. If you prefer to book in for the month as an extra motivator to get moving then there are now 2 monthly options, please let me know if you have any questions.  As always this is an honesty system so please select the pass that best suits and book in at the start of the month so I know to keep you in the group.

  • Up to 4 new classes a week (live or on catch up) 

  • Access to Zoom Barre (usually £7)

  • Access to Halloween Workshop (usually £6)

  • Over 100 videos before in the group to do at your own time plus 19 NEW classes throughout Novemer.

  • 1 new class per week (live or on catch up)

  • Access to Zoom Barre OR

  Access to Strictly Workshop

  • = 5 classes throughout November.

  If you haven’t already filled in the PARQ then please click the link: It shouldn’t take long but just means I’m up to date on all related health info. As always questions, requests and feedback always welcome! Best wishes and all the physically distanced hugs and high fives you need, Hayley and Julie Mac x


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