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1 year and counting........April Newsletter

"My body is the garden I grew up in,

with tree-trunk legs,

lungs made of rose bushes.

My ribs are a bird cage,

my skin has a sunflower glow.

I have planted vines that wrap up my arms and around my thighs.

One day I will teach my children to climb them."

My Body ~ Abigail Cook

Happy April, Happy Spring and congratulations for surviving 1 year of lockdown living,

This year has been a rollercoaster of changes and steadying ourselves and we should be immensely proud of just keeping going!! Despite the challenges and the many cons of lockdown I feel so much gratitude that I was able to teach online and that so many of you showed up to join me. Also a huge thanks to my glamorous assistant, tech support, comedy sidekick and superstar wife Julie for all her support and encouragement - she has completed a full year of the Hayley Mac Move dance apprenticeship.

One whole year of:

  • waving through the screen

  • dancing in our pjs

  • using bizarre household props for Barre

  • tech issues

  • music cut outs

  • Julie's eyebrows and pinkies getting involved in all the moves

  • having the pleasure of moving and grooving with you all

The timetable will stay the same throughout April and, as always, you're welcome to drop in when life allows or choose the Monthly Unlimited Pass to commit to making some time every week with as many different classes as your body wants. Please do let me know any thoughts about how classes will work for you once the world opens back up a bit. I know that some of you will be desperate to get back to the studios once they open so won't continue online but I'd love to keep some online offerings even when we can go back to in person.

For Stretch and De-stress we will be focussing on the idea of finding "what feels good on the inside not just looks good on the outside". This is a good practice for life in general, especially with the pressure to start doing everything and seeing everyone once we're allowed to. Be kind to yourself as we adjust to 'a new normal' once again.

We have moved the workshop this month to Thursday 15th April so you can keep your Saturdays free for fun and frolicking.

I will continue to offer online birthday parties, hen parties or workplace well-being as I know these things might still be a little way off happening in person. There's nothing better than an 80s dance party with your friends or a 30 min lunchtime Pilates desk break with your colleagues so do get in touch for more info.

Looking forward to another month in the Zoom room.

Sending virtual hugs and high fives to you all,

Hayley and Julie Mac x

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