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Oh the possibilities............

"Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. You are a child of the universe no less than the trees and the starts; you have a right to be here."

Desiderata ~ Max Ehrmann

How are you doing? What are your feelings about moving into 2022?

A new year can come with lots of pressure to make huge changes and even the idea that a new year can mean a 'new you' . Firstly, I want to say that I thought you were pretty damn awesome in 2021 and want you to show up in whatever way feels truest to you in that moment rather than the best, new and improved, super shiny version. Secondly, I want to appreciate that you may have taken this time to pause, reflect and have decided you want to try to make positive changes in your life and to this I say "woooohooo you can do it!!!"

These two seemingly opposing ideas are what we will be working without throughout January. How do we love and appreciate ourselves as we are while also challenging ourselves to grow and be the best we can?

As the line above says: "Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself." and so I want you to consider what ways you want to offer yourself a challenge or to push our of your comfort zone and what ways you want to be kinder and more gentle with yourself.

As long as the world allows I will be back in studios :

Pleasance Sports Centre on Thursdays

1.15pm Barre and

5.15pm Stretch & De-stress

and Dance Base on Fridays

4-4.45 Friday Disco Dance-off (pre-school)

5-6pm Beginner Jazz

6.45-7.45pm Improver Jazz

I am also still open to other events, workshops and smaller groups or 1 to 1s either in person or online if you think you or anyone you know may be interested. Some previous examples, an online 80s dance party for friends to celebrate a 40th, a movement/well-being/mindfulness session for a team or workplace, a 2-1 private stretch & de-stress session with chosen themes and requests or an in-studio hen party.

I needed the three weeks completely off but am now really exciting to get back to

the joys of online classes and hope you can join me too. You are welcome whether you've been away for a while, are completely new, are a regular, have your camera off, dip in and out, are mostly here just to laugh along with Julie and myself or any other version of this.

I am hoping to keep these classes going for as long as there is interest so please do share to anyone you think may fancy joining the fun. Currently we have kept it with 2 classes a week Stretch & De-stress and Barre, which hopefully both offer opportunities for the challenge and kindness mentioned above.

I will keep reflecting and asking for feedback to that these classes continue to be something joyful and useful in your week rather than another struggle. This month the feedback was classes lasting 30-45 mins would be preferable so I will be sharper with times and making sure you can easily fit them in. I have changed the times slightly and as always you can catch up whenever suits you best. The monthly pass is less this month but still the best option if you want to mix and match your classes. You will also still have access to all the previous classes on the Facebook group and YouTube channel.

Whether I see you in the Zoom room, in the studio or not at all I am grateful for you and your support. I'd love to hear any ways that you are finding ways to challenge yourself without adding unnecessary struggle?

Sending virtual hugs, high fives and lots of gratitude for you all!

Hayley Mac x

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