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Stuck in the Middle - March Newsletter

You are in this time of the interim

Where everything seems withheld.

The path you took to get here has washed out;

The way forward is still concealed from you.

"The old is not old enough to have died away;

The new is still too young to be born."

- John O'Donohue

I was planning to focus this month on spring and the excitement of new beginnings.........but that isn't quite how I'm feeling or the impressions I'm getting from those around me. Stuck, flat, unsure, unknown are some of the words coming up and this blessing by John O'Donohue felt very fitting.

Whilst February was a time to encourage self love and kindness maybe March is a time to sit with and acknowledge the slightly less cute and card worthy emotions when they come up. That doesn't mean we have to stay stuck or hold on to these feelings but rather let them come and go. As Spring comes, days get brighter and the world opens up a little more we can let this lightness in too, even if it's fleeting.

"take a lesson from the seashore that must welcome and let go of the ocean waves every day. Your emotions are meant to be felt, understood and then let go."

Nikita Gill

Without putting too much pressure on yourself, what things can you do to help yourself go skipping through the unknown like this gorgeous image by Flying Edna

Whatever we can do to help keep you moving and motivated just let us know - whether that is requesting songs that make your heart sing or inviting a pal to join you so you'll have some to giggle with after a Kylie Dance Party or commiserate with after side series. I'm so glad we can offer the catch up option so the classes can be there when you need them.

The timetable will stay the same throughout March and as always you're welcome to drop in when life allows or choose the Monthly Unlimited Pass to commit to making some time every week with as many different classes as your body wants. There are 5 Tuesdays and Wednesdays in March so lots of chances to move with us!!

I absolutely love being able to see you all in Cardio Dance Party on Zoom so I hope it is working out for you too. We'll continue using the Pilates ball in Barre so if you're joining us this month you might want to buy one. It's a great (and usually pretty cheap) piece of equipment which adds lots of fun and any questions just let me know.

Our workshop this month is Saturday 20th March 2-3pm and it's open to everyone even if you don't attend any other classes. I would love to hear any requests for this one!

If you're looking for something different as a Mother's Day gift (or just for any reason really), I'm offering private online sessions. Book an online session for someone you love (whether it's a mother, yourself or anyone else). You can choose a Dance, Barre, Pilates or Yoga session or get in touch with specific ideas and see if I can make them happen.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Choose Love Fundraiser or even just showed up and shared their energy and love with us all. We managed to raise over £300 for the charity which went towards supporting vital resources for refugees. This included around £200 towards LGBTQ+ support for those who are fleeing persecution and even death due to the way they love. As February was LGBTQ+ History Month this felt particularly amazing. Julie and I also got to go to 'The Prom' together with our super cheesy musical workshop, which was definitely something for our high school selves to celebrate. Still catch up options available for both of these workshops.

Thanks for reading, for joining in and just for continuing on everyday in whatever way you can!

Sending love, light and understanding, virtual high fives and "you can do its"!!

Hayley and Julie Mac xx

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