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Choose Love - February Newsletter

Today I will choose love.

Tomorrow I will choose love.

And the day after that,

I will choose love.

If I mistakenly choose



or negativity

over love,

I will not wallow in regret.

I will choose love

until it becomes who I am.

- Rachel Macy Stafford

How are you today? Can you feel the love or are you thinking what's love got to do with it?

February is the month associated with Valentines Day and romantic love, with hearts, flowers and adoration for the one we love........... I propose that regardless of whether you celebrate Valentines Day that this month you CHOOSE LOVE.

Love for yourself, love for those closest to you and love for those further afield.

February is also Black History Month and LGBTQ+ History Month so let's have a little "Peace Love and Understanding".

February's Timetable will stay the same and you're welcome to join us on an UNLIMITED PASS or to book into sessions individually. Hopefully these classes can be something you look forward to rather than another thing on your to do list so please let me know anything I can do to make these classes work for you - song requests, answering questions or more ridiculous dress up!

Tuesdays' Cardio Dance Party will now take place over Zoom as FB doesn't seem to enjoy our song choices and us getting kicked out does not help add to the fun! As usual I would love to see you dancing along with us but you can absolutely keep your video off and 'dance like nobody is watching'. There will still be a catch up option but I hope you can join us live when possible. In hopes of spreading the Dance Party joy I would love you to invite those you love to join us for a FREE Cardio Dance Party in February. Just get them to book in and at the checkout the code: ShareTheLove.

For this month's Barre classes we are going to work with a Pilates Ball so grab one if you can, any questions just let me know.

Our Stretch & De-stress classes will focus on the theme of self love so get ready to adore yourself. I encourage you to make it a date: add candles, beautiful music and consideration whenever you can.

We had so much for with our Hamilton workshop and are looking for ideas for this month's Musical Theatre workshop Saturday 21st February 2-3pm let me know any requests! This workshop is included in the Unlimited Monthly Pass.

❤️I am running a Fundraiser class on Valentines Day 4-5pm so that we can feel that "love is all around us". It will be similar to our Stretch and De-stress classes but with a little extra hug and is suitable for all ages and abilities. The pricing structure is different than usual as I want it to be open to those who cannot afford it but also raise some money for this fantastic charity. It will also be available on catch up.

All money raised in this session will be donated to Choose Love.

Choose Love has raised millions to support refugees and created a movement of people putting love into action around the world.

We hope you can find something each day to look at with love heart eyes 😍

Thanks for moving with us,

Hayley and Julie Mac xx

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