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Hayley Mac Move ~ Online

Look down at your body


there is no home like you

thank you ~ Rupi Kaur


Sending lots of love and gratitude to everyone that has been moving and grooving with Julie online and I up till now. We weren’t expecting to still be doing online classes after so many months but have found so much joy in this community we want to keep it going as long as possible.  If you hadn’t heard we were flooded out of out house (and Funk room) in Falkirk and are now living with family in Dollar so expect classes to continue from Studio 51, with our new sparkly tinsel addition!!

Moving into Autumn means longer nights and colder days when we start to feel the urge to hibernate and snuggle in.  These things aren’t always the best for motivation and it can be easy to want to spend every night cosy in front of the TV with a glass of mulled wine. While this sounds delightful on occasion there are other ways to add a little sparkle to those dark nights. 

Theses are a few things that help me with motivation:

  • Find something you really enjoy doing. I love doing these classes and try make the music and moves as uplifting as possible.

  • Set the time. Sign up in advance. Put it in you diary. Doing these classes live helps with motivation but if not still set a time you want to do the class.

  • Find a buddy or someone to keep you accountable. Whether that’s a friend to meet for a walk or knowing they’re doing the same class as you at home. Or it may be sharing your sweaty selfie and how badass you’re feeling with me after class. I love hearing how you’re doing!!

Barre in October will focus back on body weight exercises but there may be some opportunities for you to keep working with you bands to add that little extra fun!! Stretch and De-stress is returning to 45 mins. I felt I was rushing trying to fit everything in and we don’t need any extra rushing in our lives.  Also I’ve had been asked about which sessions would be good for different issues and parts of the body so I’m going to focus a little more on specific areas each month.  All sessions will still include moving the spine, core stability, work for hips and shoulders and relaxation and breath but for October we are going to focus more on the back with some juicy twists, some lengthening and strengthening and work on posture and alignment.

I missed seeing some gorgeous faces (and occasional swearing behind the eyes) so this month we’re running:

Zoom Barre Sunday 11th October 11-12 £7.

Our Jazz workshop worked well on FB and meant lots of people could join in at whatever time worked for them so this month we’ll be doing a Halloween themed Jazz Workshop Friday 30th October 7-8pm (or catch up at your own time).

As always if you can’t commit to every week you’re welcome to book into individual classes when you need to or just come to the workshops. If you prefer to book in for the month as an extra motivator to get moving then there are now 2 monthly options, please let me know if you have any questions.  As always this is an honesty system so please select the pass that best suits and book in at the start of the month so I know to keep you in the group.

  • Up to 4 new classes a week (live or on catch up) 

  • Access to Zoom Barre (usually £7)

  • Access to Halloween Workshop (usually £6)

  • Over 100 videos before in the group to do at your own time plus 19 NEW classes throughout October.

  • 1 new class per week (live or on catch up)

  • Access to Zoom Barre (usually £7) OR

  Access to Halloween Workshop (usually £6)

  • = 5 classes throughout October.

The site adds a small fee to each booking, which up till now I’ve have been paying, but from now on will be adding to each customer. It is usually only around 50p so hopefully shouldn’t make a big difference to you but adds up for me.  If you’re not booking a monthly pass but want to limit booking fees just book all the classes you want to do in the month at one time.   If you haven’t already filled in the PARQ then please click the link: It shouldn’t take long but just means I’m up to date on all related health info. As always questions, requests and feedback always welcome! Best wishes and all the physically distanced hugs and high fives you need, Hayley and Julie Mac x

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