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Tis the season- December Newsletter

“you are not alone alone would be if your heart no longer beat and your lungs no longer pulled and your breath no longer pushed how are you alone if an entire community lives in you” you have all of you on your side - rupi kaur How are you? Are you feeling merry and bright or just looking forward to the end of 2020? Maybe a little bit of both! Thanks again for any way you've joined part of our online community whether it's 1 class, full month or sharing the classes with a friend we really appreciate that people keep joining us and we thoroughly intend to continue online classes for as long as you'll have us.

We are carrying on as usual for our December Timetable as we know how much better we feel if we add a little bit of movement into those days of indulgence and lounging. Please do lots of things that make you feel awesome over this month and even if that means doing the first 15mins of a class then stopping to read your book or just doing the last 10 mins of SDS for the relaxation……you go right ahead!!

The way the dates fall means we get 5 Cardio Dance Parties, 5 dates at the Barre, 5 chances to Stretch & De-stress and 4 Friday Flows - what a Christmas countdown!! 2 of our Friday Flows happen on Christmas Day and then New Years Day so these will be pre-recorded fun times suitable for the whole family (requests very welcome).

Our Zoom workshops this month are:

We’ll also be carrying on with our Strictly On Demand - YouTube classes, which can be booked individually or free as part of Unlimited Pass. They are listed every Saturday but you will get the link as soon as you book and can do the class whenever you like.

If anyone would like to gift a friend or family member a month of movement, fun times and dance parties with us in January get in touch as I send you these vouchers for you to give with a code for the recipient to use. We are also working on new Strut Sweat Smile t-shirts, which will be available to buy. Thanks again and hopefully you'll keep moving and grooving with us till the end of the year or maybe we'll catch up again in 2021! Sending you cosy and mulled vibes and festive wishes, Hayley and Julie Mac xx

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